three coloured soaps of yellow purple and orange


100% Natural is Our Aim

100% – When we first started out 100% natural was our number one aim. Although 99.9% of our products are natural, (safety of our customers is most important) the other 0.1% is due to our colours.

Our colours are a mimic of nature the safer way. “Natural Identical,” meaning they have the same molecules as in nature but are made in a lab for your safety.

You see, cosmetics were once coloured from oxides collected from the earth but many of these contained heavy metals. If it is mined from the earth, the potential exists for lead, arsenic and mercury among others. So only lab produced oxides are approves for use in the cosmetic industry by the FDA.

Lab produced pigmented oxides have the same chemical composition as the original oxides, only all the impurities have been removed. The process is different, the end result on a molecular level is the same.

Some of our soaps have pigmented oxides and are only made with your safety in mine. Each product has an ingredients list included.

This way we can still enjoy the colours of the rainbow while still being close to nature! Safely!

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