Inhalers are a great way to personally enjoy aromatherapy

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Inhalers are a great way to personally enjoy aromatherapy.

They can be customised with the essential oils you love or need.

Great for when you want to open your airways or loosen mucus due to a cold or blocked nose or maybe you need that uplifting scent to inspire your day.

You may have young kids and can not diffuse in the room or car. Or you may be out and about and need or just love to have your scents about you.

Place a cotton insert into the inhaler and drop aproximatley 15 drops of essential oil of your choice onto the cotton insert and close with the cap. Unscrew the lid of the inhaler and with one nostril closed with one finger, apply the inhaler to the open nostril and softly inhale. Use at your convenience.

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1 x Inhaler, Lid, Cap. 2 x Inhaler Cotton Inserts


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