Australian Made and Owned Eucalyptus Oil

Our new addition to our essential oil range is Eucalyptus Blue Mallee. Upon adding this amazing clever oil to the products list, I received an email from Geoffery and Jade from Bucca Qld.

“We have some Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil straight from our family farm if you are interested?”

Was I interested? You would not believe it, but I added our new product today! It’s like the heavens were listening. I knew exactly that this oil was the one I wanted to boast about in our store. And that was before I even sampled it.

Unfortunately, the little town of Bucca is still a little far to go to save on postage and handling, so I asked how far the venture and if they come to our town of Maryborough. “We are doing the Maryborough Street Market this Thursday”. This could not be more perfect. Tomorrow!

The very next day I was down the market to meet Geoffrey and Jade from Bucca. Among the stores I found their beautiful tables of oils.

They could not be more helpful from breathing samples and their knowledge on the many uses. After sampling (with my sniff test) and comparing, I knew that this Eucalyptus Blue Mallee could not be more pure and true.

Geoffrey and Jade’s Blue Mallee is made at their family’s business in West Wylong situated in New South Wales west of Sydney. Their family have been sharing the land with the Eucalyptus for nearly 30 years.

I am so excited to acquire and stock such a pure Australian made and owned yield of Eucalyptus and meet the hard working, pleasant couple, Geoffrey and Jade. Welcome to Queensland!

I can’t wait to blend and captivate the essence of the Blue Mallee and support this fortunate country and land we are part of!

I’m blown away, with the last couple of days, with the path the universe has taken me on, as if to say keep going… this is the way!

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