Top Three Australian Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

In Australia we are blessed with a range of essential oils that can give relief from congestion, snuffy noses, coughing and drowsiness.

Here you will find our Top 3 go to essential oils to add to your go to collection if you feel the dreaded symptoms of cold and flu season arriving.

Eucalyptus Oil

Number one, of cause, is Eucalyptus Oil, great for the respiratory system and clearing congestion, muscle soreness and headaches. There are many different types of Eucalyptus Oil available and produced in Australia.

For a mild Eucalyptus, for a child or the elderly, try Eucalyptus Dives. Eucalyptus Dives has a touch of Peppermint, also known as Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum Oil, with its minty aroma, it adds an uplifting sense of clarity. Lemon Eucalyptus Ironbark Oil adds a calming and refreshing touch. Maybe the strongest of them all, with its high content of 1,8-cineole, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee, but this essential oil is not safe for kids.

Peppermint Oil

Although not safe for young kids, with Peppermints menthol properties, it is great to assist with congestion, the airways and nausea. Also assisting with clarity of the mind and energizing the senses. Peppermint has a cooling, soothing effect when used on the muscles. To a lot of peoples surprise it is also grown and produced here in Australia along with spearmint oil, which is a better option for use around young kids.

Lemon Oil

Encouraging energy and focus Australian Lemon Oil can support the immune system to assist with cold and flu season. With its amazing disinfectant properties, it can help with air quality and cleansing the home leaving a sense of purified freshness. Australian Lemon Oil is cold pressed, therefor it can be phototoxic. If using it topically (on the skin) no more than a 2% dilution should be applied.

Application of Essential Oils

To use these amazing Australian Essential Oils when a cold or flu does strike, top up your oil diffuser with a couple of drops of each oil, these oils will blend great together. Drop up to 15 drops all together in an inhaler for that personal stronger relief straight to the airways or add some drops (no more than 2% to be safe) to some carrier oil and apply to your muscles to give some tension relief. You can even add some drops to some bath salts and have a relaxing bath or to your heat pillow before resting on the muscles.

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