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Inspiring Mums

Hi Amazing Mums and Wonderful People,

This Mothers Day I’d like to express great love to the amazing mums who nurture and care for us with all their hearts!

Bunch of Blue Flowers
My Mums Cheery Garden

Especially My Mum!

My mum is in all honesty my greatest fan. What ever I seem to do she is there to cheer me on and encourage me to the point of never giving up.

At Rainbow Skys Naturally my poor mum is my guinea pig… (altho I’m sure she loves it) for the things that I create go her way for testing. (She is very truthful but maybe a little bias as well).

But… yes the but… my mum has been using skin care and pamper products for as long as I can remember, (she taught me lots, once being a beautician herself) using top brands and lots of expensive stuff and altho these have been great… my mum is now also my best customer.

She adores what I do, Thanks mum, but also backs it and loves it!

Even when I thought I may give up, my mum said “you can’t, everything is so good, and then where am I going to get my products?” Haha

So I don’t give up, I take all the goodness from my mums love and keep creating and moving forward with love.

This is just one thing that stands out to me about my mum and I Thank her to the core for all the encouragement, confidence and support that she provides me on my path! (My mum is like the railings on a path. Love you mum!)

And a big hearty “Happy Mothers Day” to all!

Rose Water – The Number one rejuvenating spritz

Rose Water – The Number One Rejuvenating Spritz

One of our top products….. The Irresistible Rose Water.

A Toner for your face, chest and body or we just love to spray it everywhere.

  • Rose Properties – Fresh, calming, soothing
  • Rose Promotes – Love and Life and Tranquillity
  • Rose Skin Care – Hydration, cooling, fights the signs of aging and balancing

Rose is known for its’ fresh calming properties helping to sooth emotions and bring relief from anxiety and grief. It promotes love and life. Rose can bring a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

Rose Water is water based so it adds hydration to your skincare routine or whenever you apply. Which in the hotter months is a lot for us for it’s cooling effects. The kids love it too and is very safe for them to use.

Besides being a stimulating perfume, Rose can be effective in fighting free-radicals, reducing the signs of aging and smoothing skin, reducing redness with toning effects. Rose also has balancing qualities for our naturally wise generation. If you need to feel rejuvenated, rose water is the number one in our house.

We keep it handy, on our kitchen bench, for a quick grab and spray, (the kids say it helps when doing homework), one in our bathroom for our beauty routine, spraying on face and chest with closed eyes after a shower and before applying our facial oil and body butter. The bottle is also small enough, (but goes a long way) to have one handy in a bag to take to work or on a trip for a quick refreshing blitz.

To take a closer look at our number one rejuvenating spritz at our shop –

A "lemon essential oil collector card" in card holder

“Oil of the Month” Essential Oil Collector Cards Promo

Each Month Rainbow Skys Naturally will promote an oil as the “Oil of the Month” starting in the month of MARCH. Purchase the “Oil of the Month” in that month and receive your complimenting “Aromatherapy Collector Card.”

This promo is for subscribers only!

Also if you subscribe in the month of FEBRUARY and purchase the “Oil of the Month” in MARCH, you will receive a “Free Aroma Collector Card Holder” to display all the beautiful and useful information at your fingertips.

This is for being such a great crowd and Rainbow Skys Naturally wants to “THANK YOU!”

P.S To collect all the other cards, purchase the “oil of the month” and receive your bonus “Aroma Collector Card.” There is one each month. There are 12 cards (so far) to collect so don’t miss out and start collecting today!

Watch your inbox for the first “Oil of the Month” for March!

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